School Truancy Mediation Program

United WayTruancy mediation is a process that helps parents, caregivers, students, and schools find a fair and workable solution to students’ truancy problems.

The mediation process is an informal meeting where students, parents, and school officials come together with a mediator to talk about the causes of absences and tardiness and how these problems can be resolved.

The Mediator is…

  • Neutral person who does not take sides
  • Gives everyone a chance to speak
  • Helps everyone to understand each others’ issues and concerns
  • Assists families and schools to work together to resolve issues

Why Mediation?

  • Avoids formal court intervention and can result is dismissal of a court petition if an agreement is reached that satisfies all parties
  • Improves communication between families and schools
  • It is confidential so that the parties are able to speak openly about the challenges facing students

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