Juvenile Victim-Offender Mediation

Since 1999, The Resolution Center has been in collaboration with the Macomb County Juvenile Court to provide youthful offenders an opportunity to participate in a program nationally known as “victim offender mediation.” In this program offenders and victims of crime meet together face to face to allow youthful offenders the opportunity to admit responsibility and take accountability for their actions in an effort to make things right.

This service enables schools, courts, and police to help youth peacefully resolve conflict at the community level. The Resolution Center applies a balanced and restorative approach, which includes Victim-Offender Mediation.

“The Resolution Center has been a tremendous asset for me as a Judge. I was so impressed with the Mediation programs offered by The Resolution Center, I chose to attend the Mediation Training offered by the Center to become a certified Mediator. The skills I learned made me a better Judge, not only in reaching decisions, but reaching decisions that maintain relationships between parties.

The benefits of Mediation go far beyond the resolution of disputed issues. What is so intriguing about the process is the benefit to the family as they are so engaged and resolve issues without continuing Court intervention. They walk away feeling much better about very difficult family dynamics in addition to having solved the problem— It works!”

Honorable Pamela Gilbert–O’Sullivan
Chief Judge – Macomb County Probate Court

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